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The Ajijic Tango

Whene’er our palates cry for steak,

Topped off with ripened mango,

Our thoughts return to Ajijic

And restaurante Tango.


Their steaks are cooked on mesquite grills

(Try ordering the flap)

The kind of steaks that make you thrill,

Enough to make your toes tap.


The restaurant’s theme is Latin dance,

The Tango bright as sparkling wine,

Distinctive of the Argentine,

Embracing passion and romance,


Exquisite food for epicures--

Homemade pasta, firewood pizza,

Vintage wine for connoisseurs--

As Mexican as Chichen Itza.


From Chiapas to Durango

They’ve heard about the Tango!

restaurante argentina

Try out our fine wines from around the world.


Enjoy the best of Argentine food.


Order your favorite drink from our bar.


For those with pure food indulgence in mind, come to Ajijic and sate your desires with our Argentinean inspired way of cooking, we love food, lots of different food, just like you.


9 out of 10 of our customers recommend us to their friends

Ajijic Tango
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19:41 18 Apr 23
Great place by the lake. Excellent lunch specials from 12:30-1:30 only but worth timing it out. Salmon, pollo or arachara pepito $95p. Habla Ingles
00:08 13 Apr 23
Pros and cons….Great view if you are at the first two rows of tables. Very large inside and nice and airy.Very clean, kid friendly and great location.Started with some amazing fresh bread, our mains came out in good time considering it was so busy.Salmon is highly recommended, the “wood fired” pizza im pretty sure is gas, the base was not good quality and my “mozzarella” pizza was the same cheap cheese as on the other pizzas - definitely not mozzarella as advertised.
Eloy YipEloy Yip
16:23 28 Mar 23
Located just a stone's throw from the lake, my partner, his family, our friends and I can see why this establishment is consistently a top rated restaurant in Ajijic. Upon entering yesterday for dinner, Tango Ajijic itself is very warm with beautiful paintings on the wall, thatched roof and fans. A pretty extensive menu featuring just about anything you could imagine in both English and Spanish. This restaurant employs a small army of wait staff and unfortunately didn’t get the name of our server. Complimentary warm rolls started the meal with various condiments such as butter and chimichurri sauce. For appetizers, we started out with various empanadas. For entrees, several salads were ordered, 14 oz Skirt Steak (Arrachera) with pasta, Grilled Provolone Cheese, and Chicken with Alfredo. The salads were excellent, huge portions and would make a great main course for vegetarians. If you've ever had Arrachera (skirt steak), one knows it's supposed to be cooked quickly over high heat, to seal in the flavor and melt the considerable amount of fat. My Arrachera was near that quantity but slightly salty. Good food selection prepared to perfection. A pleasant ambiance and good prices which we can recommend.
Mark Anthony FrancoMark Anthony Franco
01:50 20 Feb 23
Stopped by for lunch. My cousins said it is their favorite place. Now I know why. The food is absolutely delicious. Combine good ingredients and unique recipes and you get Tango. I started with provolone cheese and chorizo sausage and that set a good tone. Menu was in both English and Spanish and the prices reasonable. There was a crowd and a wait the whole time we were there.
Terri MazingoTerri Mazingo
18:28 15 Dec 22
If you are hungry for a rib eye steak, don't be fooled by the "top of the rib" on the menu. I ordered this item and it looks and acts like a non-marinated, fat end, skirt steak. The manager insisted that their skirt steak is completely different and showed me a sample, although didnt leave it for me to actually compare. That's all fine but I was very disappointed and especially for the price!Everything else ordered was top notch and tasty.
Jon KurzJon Kurz
03:03 09 Jun 22
This place was amazing. The food was top notch they spoke English very well. Overall beat steak and Salmon we have had anywhere.
Jeff MichaelJeff Michael
01:11 17 Feb 22
Good food and service. They quickly get water and delicious bread on the table soon after being seated. The spinach salid was wonderful. The spaghetti was good. Reasonable prices. They take debit card.
KA WardKA Ward
19:30 25 Jan 22
This is an Ajijic stalwart. Bilingual staff who are friendly, attentive and know the menu. It is in the top 5 of places I would take visitors and newbies to lakeside. Clean, quiet, great menu, decent prices.
Jason MokJason Mok
20:28 24 Jan 22
Super nice place for supper. The steaks are wonderful. Many options from seafood, chicken to pasta. Servers are very attentive. Had a wonderful time and highly recommended
Sasch MayerSasch Mayer
19:24 25 Nov 21
Fabulous food, great service, welcoming atmosphereTango is without a doubt one of the best restaurants in Ajijic. Located just a stone's throw from the lake, it's one of those places that's 'just so.'Service is attentive, friendly, and frankly excellent. The food is outstanding, especially the carpaccio, which I would say is the best in town.Full mark every time. Highly recommended